The Storm Hammer

The Storm Hammer is a sleek and powerful craft, seeming to cut effortlessly through the skies of Eberron. Though it has seen its fair share of combat in the skies above both Khorvaire and Xen’drik, it has always been mended with loving care under the watchful eye of Daneira d’Lyrandar, her captain.

Colossal air vehicle
Squares 300 (50 ft. by 150 ft.); Cost 100,000 gp
AC 5 (2 base + 3 enhancement); Hardness 10 (magically reinforced wood)
hp 1800 (899)
Base Save 3
Maximum Speed 300 ft. (30 mph); Acceleration 50 ft.
CMB +11 (8 base + 3 enhancement); CMD 21 (18 base + 3 enhancement)
Ramming Damage 8d8
This ship is made of magically reinforced wood and resembles a graceful sailing vessel, albeit one with sails on its hull as well as its mast. The Stormglory shipyards have produced a fine and graceful vessel, one that uniquely matches her captain, Daneira d’Lyrandar. A ring of churning air and crackling electricity circles midship, giving the Storm Hammer its motive force and providing Captain Daneira with a hidden weapon should she need it. An elder air elemental is bound to the vessel, giving the Storm Hammer a significant amount of power.

Propulsion magical
Driving Check none for common maneuvers (magic); Opposed Charisma check against the Elemental for difficult maneuvers (CHA +1)
Forward Facing the ship’s forward
Driving Device Wheel of Wind and Water
Driving Space the six squares around the controlling magic item that sits at the front of the ship
Crew 20
Decks 3
Weapons up to 10 Large sized siege weapons mounted in banks of four per side on the main deck, one on a central turret, and one on a platform lowered from the hold.

Hover: Despite its maneuverability rating, an airship can hover and has no minimum speed required to maintain air travel. It cannot turn in place, however.

Ring: An airship can use either a fire or an air elemental. A burning air elemental bound into a ring deals 3d8 points of bludgeoning and 3d8 points of electricity damage to any creature or object passing it touches.


The Storm Hammer

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