Adamai's Bloodstone Blade

Adamai’s bloodstone blade is a +1 adamantine sabre containing an Eberron dragonshard attuned to the vampiric touch spell, allowing that spell to be delivered by the blade repeatedly without recharging, and in an empowered form.

Description: This sword is forged of the finest adamantine, with powdered red dragonshard carefully inlaid into intricate designs along the blade.

Activation: When you strike a creature with a bloodstone blade and the creature takes damage from the weapon, the weapon can deliver the effect of a vampiric touch spell as a free action if you desire.

Effect: A bloodstone blade can hold a vampiric touch spell as if it were a spell storing weapon. Any such spell is automatically empowered by the blade, even if the original caster does not have the Empower Spell feat. As with a normal spell storing weapon, the vampiric touch effect uses the original caster’s caster level. No more than one such spell can be held by a bloodstone blade at any time, and no spell other than vampiric touch can be stored within the weapon.

Aura/Caster Level: Strong evocation and necromancy; CL 12th.
Construction: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, vampiric touch. 12th-level caster. 9,315 gp, 18 days. Creating a bloodstone blade requires first attuning the Eberron dragonshard to the spell it will hold (see page 265 of the EBERRON Campaign Setting for details)

Adamai's Bloodstone Blade

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