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The Scions of the Storm is a small campaign designed to highlight some of the most fascinating aspects of roleplay in Eberron — dragonmarks, Great House politics, and the endless variety of magical wonder available in this incredible setting. Over the course of the campaign, the heroes have explored Stormhome, the Heart of Secrets; matched wits with thieves in the alleys of Fairhaven; plunged into a pit of corruption festering deep in the Eldeen Reaches; battled Lhazaar pirates off the coasts of Khorvaire; sought treasure in the deepest caverns of the Mror Holds; battled horrifying foes and ancient curses in the streets of Stormreach, the City of Ruins; and will delve into the dead-grey mists of the Mournland in search of lost secrets.

Unique Devices of the Scions of the Storm Campaign

Heart of the Scorpion
Khyber Dragonshard Rod
The Crimson Shard
Seed of Knowledge
Adamai’s Bloodstone Blade

Unique Locations and Vehicles of the Campaign

The Storm Hammer
The River Dancer
The Hidden Enclave

Characters and Features
Favored in House feat
Khair Vanatar

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