Favored in House feat

Favored In House Benefits
As an operative of House Lyrandar trusted implicitly by Baron Esravash, Adamai d’Lyrandar can exceed the standard benefits of the Favored in House feat while working for the good of the house. Should he abuse these authorities, he will have to explain himself to the House viceroys and the Baron, but only the regional leaders of Lyrandar enclaves have the authority to countermand his requests.

Automatic: Free use of the Least or Lesser Mark of Storm; free passage on any Lyrandar ship, elemental galleon, or airship to its intended destination for up to six people

10 Use of a Lyrandar-trained crew for an independent vessel at no cost other than initial outlay to secure the vessel; use house contacts to move cargo (secretly or openly); free use of the Greater Mark of Storm; secure up to 10,000 gp in equipment (including magical equipment) for up to one month (or duration of event)

15 Commandeer a Lyrandar vessel (ship, elemental galleon, or airship) for up to one week (+5 DC for each successive week the vessel is retained); secure up to 25,000 gp in equipment (including magical equipment) for up to one month (or duration of House mission);

20 commandeer up to six House personnel of 2nd through 7th level from either Guild (to acquire experts or classed individuals requires a separate check from securing a crew); secure up to 40,000 gp in equipment (must be directly related to a mission for the House)

Favored in House feat

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