Khair Vanatar

Magical adept and reborn artificer


Khair Vanatar
Arcanist 12 Aasimar (Emberkin, Outsider, native) XP: 105,800
Chaotic Neutral Age 21 (75) 5’7” Tall 170 lbs Home: Stormhome

Stat Modified
Str 14 (2) AC 29 (4 (7) AB + 5 Dex 3 natural +3 Deflection +4 Shield; T 29, FF 26)
Dex 16 (
3) 20 (5) HP: 79 (55 base + 24 Con Mod)
Con 14 (
2) Initiative 7 (5 Dex 2 Trait)
Int 22 (
6) 26 (8) BAB + 6/1 Combat Maneuver Bonus + 8 SR 0 Speed 30’
Wis 18 (
4) 22 (6) CMD 23 (10 + 6 BAB + 2 Str + 5 Dex + 0 Size)
Cha 20 (
5) 24 (+7)

Melee – 2 Adamantine cleaver +10/5, 1d84, 19-20/x2
Ranged – touch +11, damage by wordspell

Fortitude +10 (4 base + 2 Cha + 4 magic)
Reflex +13 (4 base + 5 Dex + 4 magic)
Will +18 (8 base + 6 Wis + 4 magic)
Resist Acid 5, Cold 5, Electricity 5; +2 vs illusions

Diplomacy +23 (12 ranks + 7 Cha + 3 Class + 1 trait)
K: Arcana +25 (12 ranks + 8 Int + 3 Class + 2 untyped)
K: Dungeoneering +23 (12 ranks + 8 Int + 3 Class)
K: Religion +23 (12 ranks + 8 Int + 3 Class)
K: The Planes +25 (12 ranks + 8 Int + 3 Class + 2 racial)
Linguistics +23 (12 ranks + 8 Int + 3 Class)
Perception +21 (12 ranks + 6 Wis + 3 Class)
Spellcraft +27 (12 ranks + 8 Int + 3 Class + 2 untyped + 2 racial)
Use Magic Device +22 (12 ranks + 7 Cha + 3 Class)
(HB) C: Alchemy +23 (12 ranks + 8 Int + 3 Class)
(HB) Sense Motive +18 (12 ranks + 6 Wis)

1. Spellwise – +2 to saves versus illusions; +2 untyped bonus to K: Arcana and Spellcraft
3. Extra Exploit [Consume Magic Items]
5. Meta Word Mastery: You can use meta words three additional times per day. In addition, select one additional meta word and add it to your spellbook, familiar, or list of words known.
7. Intensified Spell (Metamagic): An intensified spell increases the maximum number of damage dice by 5 levels. You must actually have sufficient caster levels to surpass the maximum in order to benefit from this feat. No other variables of the spell are affected, and spells that inf lict damage that is not modified by caster level are not affected by this feat. An intensified spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level.
9. Quicken Spell (Metamagic): Casting a quickened spell is a swift action. You can perform another action, even casting another spell, in the same round as you cast a quickened spell. A spell whose casting time is more than 1 round or 1 fullround action cannot be quickened. A quickened spell uses up a spell slot four levels higher than the spell’s actual level. Casting a quickened spell doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity.
11. Extra Exploit [Healing Surge]
B12. Bind Elemental – create elemental-bound items

Racial Traits:
1. Racial Bonuses: +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma: Emberkin aasimars are inquisitive and confident.
2. Native Outsider: Aasimars are outsiders with the native subtype.
3. Medium: Aasimars are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
4. Normal Speed: Aasimars have a base speed of 30 feet.
5. Darkvision: Aasimars can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
6. Skilled: Aasimars have a +2 racial bonus on Knowledge (Planes) and Spellcraft checks.
7. Celestial Resistance: Aasimars have acid resistance 5, cold resistance 5, and electricity resistance 5.
8. Spell like ability: Emberkin gain pyrotechnics 1/day as a spell-like ability.
9. Languages: Khair began play speaking Common and Draconic. Aasimars with high Intelligence
scores can choose from the following languages: Celestial, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling,
and Sylvan.
10. Favored Class Option: +1 skill point per level

Campaign traits:
1. Exile – +2 to initiative rolls
2. World Traveler: our family has taken the love of travel to an extreme, roaming the world extensively. You’ve seen dozens of cultures and have learned to appreciate the diversity of what the world has to offer. Select one of the following skills: Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), or Sense Motive. You gain a +1 trait bonus to that skill, and it is always a class skill for you. [Diplomacy]

Common Undercommon
Draconic Elven
Sylvan Auran
Giant Ignan
Goblin Gnome

4 Bracers of Armor
Tunic of Thurrinak +3 (
3 to Natural Armor and +3 Deflection bonus to AC)
Headband of Mental Superiority +4 (associated skills C: Alchemy and Sense Motive)
Belt of Incredible Dexterity +4
+2 Adamantine Cleaver (Longsword)
Goodberry bracelet (MIC 108)
Cloak of Resistance +4
Infinite Scrollcase
Vanguard Treads (ignore difficult terrain and traction, +8 to resist bull rush and +4 to resist grapples)
Rod of Bodily Restoration (3 charges, restored at dawn; 1 charge: Restore 4 points of Str, Dex, or Con damage (your choice), or 2 points of damage to all three ability scores; 2 charges: Heal 6 points of Str, Dex, or Con damage (your choice) or 3 points of damage to all three ability scores; 3 charges: Heal 8 points of Str, Dex, or Con damage (your choice) or 4 points of damage to all three ability scores)
Orb of Mental Renewal (3 charges, restored at dawn; 1 charge: Restore 4 points of Int, Wis, or Cha damage (your choice), or 2 points of damage to all three; 2 charges: Heal 6 points of Int, Wis, or Cha damage (your choice) or 3 points of damage to all three ability scores; 3 charges: Heal 8 points of Int, Wis, or Cha damage (your choice) or 4 points of damage to all three ability scores)
Khyber dragonshard rod (contains a bound fire elemental; 2d6 fire damage with a touch attack, and grants Fire Resistance 10 when held)
Portable hole

wand of levitate (21 charges)
wand of cure light wounds (3rd, 7 charges)
wand of cure light wounds (1st, 48 charges)
wand of cure moderate wounds (3rd, 30 charges)
wand of restoration (7th, 50 charges)
wand of speak with animals (3rd, 50 charges)
wand of endure elements (21 charges)
wand of knock (3rd, 5 charges)
wand of shield (1st, 39 charges)
wand of rope trick (3rd, 50 charges)

potion of expeditious retreat
potion of haste
potion of bear’s endurance

scroll of cloak of the sea (CL 11th)
scroll of cure serious wounds
scroll of heroism
scroll of lesser restoration
scroll of sending (x2)
scroll of prying eyes
scroll of invisibility

6530 gp
124 sp
5 cp
8,250 gp in Kundarak Bank


The individual now known as Khair Vanatar has had a long and varied history with the dragonmarked houses. Born Tarlin Vown d’Cannith, Tarlin was a valued member of House Cannith’s weapons development programs during the Last War. As befits a member of the Vown family in House Cannith, Tarlin was a gifted artificer and a favorite assistant of the mighty Merrix d’Cannith (the elder), working directly with the elder Merrix in Eston and Sharn. Tarlin had a unique ability to see the skeins of magic in a spell or device, and was unrivaled when dealing with intricate spellwork or artifice.

Alas, like a hidden imperfection flaws the finest blade, so do jealousy and rivalry within the Great Houses cause fatal defects. Merrix the Younger (the current leader of Cannith South) had little appreciation for Tarlin, and spoke often against him to his grandfather. In an effort to demonstrate his flaws, Merrix had Tarlin brought over to the creation forges in Breland, there to work on experimental warforged prototypes being developed by the house. Merrix hoped that Tarlin’s limited experience with the forges and his shortsighted focus on unthinking magical devices (as Merrix believed) would soon embarrass the artificer and leave him bereft of patronage. Merrix was determined to prove that the warforged, the living constructs were the best tools for the conflict, and should be the primary focus for House Cannith’s efforts. His drive, ambition, and genius were undeniable.

Unfortunately, when an experiment goes drastically awry, it is not always the experimenter that bears the brunt of the effects. In his quest to create the perfect construct, Merrix created an imbalance in the delicate arcane matrices of his creation forge, one that threatened to destroy not only the forge, but the tower in which it rested. Tarlin, all too aware of the rampant magical forces spinning out of control, entered the forge in an effort to try and ground out the energies before they triggered a catastrophic eruption. Impossibly, he was almost successful; the creation forge earthed itself without exploding, though the eldritch machine was damaged almost beyond repair, and Tarlin himself was nearly killed by the surging magical energies.

Tarlin’s recovery took weeks, even with the aid of Jorasco healers, but his rival wasted no time in pinning the accident on him. Before he was even whole, Tarlin found himself forced to flee Sharn in order to escape prosecution and excoriation from House Cannith. Worse, he found that his infusions and grasp of artifice had been burned out of him by the accident; while he could still see magical forces, he was forced to relearn ways of interacting with them while he hid from his pursuers.

It was 986 YK, and the battles of the Last War were still raging. Tarlin’s face and form had changed in the accident, and lost himself in the masses of conscripted soldiery in Thrane. Taking the name Khair Vanatar and pretending an abiding faith in the Silver Flame, he found himself moving from front to front against Breland, Karrnath, and Cyre. His knowledge of magic and its weapons served him in good stead, enabling him to protect his new comrades from the forces arrayed against them. But always, Khair moved north and west, striving to escape the reach of House Cannith. His unit was annihilated at Scion’s Sound in 994 YK, and Khair himself barely escaped from the battle by stowing away on a Lhazaar privateer. He slipped away when the vessel docked in Stormhome, but was caught by Lyrandar customs officials. It was then that the artificer turned arcanist came to the attention of Baron Esravash . . .

Khair Vanatar

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