Scions of the Storm

Seeking the Source

In which the Changer is revealed

Delethorn was ominously quiet as the adventurers arrived; suspiciously so, in fact. The town itself was in the grip of fear, terrorized by groups of roving thugs that forced the residents to stay off the streets most nights, and dealt harshly with those they called “uncooperative.” It wasn’t until Adamai and Khair publicly defeated a band of enforcers that the townsfolk began to provide information and assistance to the adventurers.

Following their requests, Adamai and Khair swept the streets that night, eliminating thugs one group after another. They trailed a group of smugglers to a house on the outskirts of Delethorn where the group’s local leaders were holed up before kicking in the doors and bringing the fight to them. In the basement of the house, Adamai and Khair confronted Welahayne, a self-proclaimed “priest of the Changer,” and his minions. It was only then that Adamai and Khair realized that they were dealing with a cult rather than simply criminals. But before they could kill the vile adept, he dumped two casks of the corrupting poison into the well beneath the house, and out of those poisoned waters burst a horrifically mutated crayfish, transformed into a monstrous chuul!

Already weary from a long night of battle, the chuul almost spelled doom for the adventurers. Calling upon their last reserves of physical and magical power, they finally burned the life out of the vile aberration with a combination of sorcery and magus arcana. In thanks for freeing Delethorn from the grip of the cult and their commitment to stopping the flow of corruption, the Wardens of the Wood bestowed a pair of seeds of knowledge upon the adventurers, furthering their arcane studies and empowering them to face the battles ahead.


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