Scions of the Storm

Scion's Victory

It takes a matter of weeks to finalize the arrangements in Stormreach, mostly because avoiding attention is the primary concern. If anything, Calynden d’Lyrandar is more paranoid than Adamai or Khair, insisting on the highest degree of secrecy, allowing only those members of House Lyrandar who were involved in the expedition to the creation forge to access the plates or the location. As the local viceroy, his authority is second only to Baron Esravash, who seems content to leave the arrangements to “The Kraken.” Required resources are delivered to Stormreach in small quantities, travelling by both Lyrandar and unassociated traders, to avoid attracting any overly-curious scrutiny. This extends the time involved, but Calynden will not be rushed.

Adamai and Khair both have ample time to study the metal plates, reviewing the instructions, spells, and infusions recorded indelibly in steel. The knowledge recorded in their shining surfaces deals with the entirety of magic of the four elements, from the manipulation of raw elemental power to the binding and channeling of energies and entities. But it is Khair who makes the most important discovery related to the plates.
As is usual for him, Khair obsesses over the plates, pouring over the inscriptions, translating, and drawing the symbols associated with each step of the elemental binding process. You find him deep in thought several times, runic patterns chalked on the floor of the storage vault, eldritch energies dancing in ripples and waves around him. But his relentless focus produces results; if not for his somewhat deranged interest, the deepest mystery of the plates may have remained undiscovered.
Khair calls the companions together late one night (in this case, Adamai, Kelembra, and Trelmarian d’Lyrandar, the lead wizard on this project, unless there’s anyone else you’re interested in including). Khair’s copper-colored eyes burn feverishly as he greets you. “I have finally found out what these are actually for.”
Trelmarian raises an eyebrow. “Other than containing the instructions for elemental binding?”
“Not just instructions, I think.” Khair’s smile is slightly manic. “There is more power in these than we first thought.”
Trelmarian shakes his head. “There isn’t any power in these that isn’t knowledge, Vanatar. They’re just instruction sheets.”
“Would you care to phrase that in the form of a wager? We found them in a production facility, rather like a Cannith manufactory.” Khair turns around, walking toward the plates. “Now, let’s see . . .”
Your companion lays his hands on the first of the plates, palms pressed against the metal. Immediately, a swirl of power surrounds him as Khair reaches deep into the well of power within him. The air ignites with coppery waves of energy, arcane force radiating from him. You and Trelmarian exchange a look, the wizard’s face a mask of panic at the thought of Khair damaging the plates.
Then you notice the glow.
Slowly, each of the engraved letters and symbols fills with light, the power radiating out from Khair’s touch suffusing the inscription. The plate itself is unharmed by the energy pouring from your companion, the metal only seeming to shine more brightly in the arcane display. In a few moments, all of the script on the plate is illuminated, and Khair lifts his hands from the metal. The glow remains constant, steady light filling the symbols.
“Now it is awake again.” Khair’s voice is slightly weary, but strengthens as he turns to face you. The spellmark on his forehead glows, mimicking the inscription on the plate behind him.
Trelmarian’s jaw drops. “How did you do that?”
“Sometimes, you need to use the right key to open the lock.” Khair turns to the next plate, re-activating each of them in turn. Adamai and Trelmarian examine the collection, reading the newly revived enchantments. Each one contains part of the procedures for the development of a vessel’s arcane matrix, ensorcelling the containment shard or binding struts, empowering an elemental effect, or enhancing the durability and resiliency of an object. The power infusing the plates, quiescent for millennia, surges through the vault, seeking to fulfill its purpose of empowering elemental energies.
One by one, the plates are transported to the creation forge by Trelmarian and Masansk d’Lyrandar, one of the leading Stormcallers (and who is arguably the most powerful druid in the house). Work begins immediately to fortify the site, with small teams of veteran warriors standing by to defend the tower. Magical construction techniques are used to build walls around the tower and create the shells of what will become laboratories and workshops. Adamai and Khair pitch in, both guarding the location from the local wildlife, and using their skills and powers to assist with the construction/ Within two months, the compound in the depths of Xen’drik’s jungles is secured, and a select team of spellcasters and artificers, lead by Trelmarian, are working on the development of a prototype elemental airship.


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