Scions of the Storm

Scions of the Storm - The Beginning

The adventure begins

The Scion of the Storm refers to one person – a dragonmarked heir of House Lyrandar named Adamai. The young magus was selected by his elders to assume a special role in House Lyrandar, that of an operative: someone who, secretly or openly, handles “problems” for the organization, resolving issues whether it is through diplomacy or combat. Adamai is devoted to the good of his House and family, and faces the future with brash optimism and the boundless courage that youth and skill bring. The House Matriarch, Baron Esravash d’Lyrandar, envisions great things for her cousin.

Khair Vanatar was apprehended as a stowaway on a vessel coming into Stormhome, and would have been unceremoniously dumped over the side had it not been for the strange symbols resembling dragonmarks on his face and arms. The customs agents took him into custody, and were surprised when he almost managed to escape before the day was out. A person with formidable arcane skills (that the run-of-the-mill house magi had great difficulty countering), Khair swiftly came to the attention of Baron Esravash as a potential asset. She interviewed him personally, and her candor and honesty compelled the same from him. Learning about his history with House Cannith, the Baron made the eccentric arcanist a deal: serve House Lyrandar (in the form of her newest operative, Adamai d’Lyrandar) for five years, and the house would provide him with a new identity, a ring of mind shielding, and enough wealth to create a new life anywhere he wished. With enemies behind and no resources to speak of, Khair knew that this would be the best deal he could hope for, and agreed.


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