Scions of the Storm

Scions of the Storm - Meshing the Gears

Uncivil Civilization

House Lyrandar’s greatest opportunity since the end of the Last War new rests in the hands of its most capable operative — Adamai d’Lyrandar. Tasked to find a creation pattern long lost in the Mournland, Adamai left the House’s secret enclave in the wilds of Xen’drik. Delving into the Mournland would take significant preparation, as the land was devastated by the aftermath of the Day of Mourning and utterly hostile to natural life. Healing spells and potions would not work within the dead-grey mists of the Mournland, and primal magical forces still played over the blasted landscape, twisting and destroying everything in their path.

The first step for Adamai and Khair was to provision their expedition. To do so, the pair returned to Stormreach, the Pirate Haven, seeking to secure supplies, magical components, and maps of Cyre by which to plot their journey. Upon their arrival at Falconer’s Spire, the band split up, with Adamai and his cousin Daneira loading the Storm Hammer, Khair gathering information from survivors of the Day of Mourning, and Khair’s apprentice Kelembra dispatched to the neighborhood of Dannel’s Pride to secure a pre-cataclysm map of Cyre.

Adamai and Khair completed their tasks without particular moment; the experienced adventurers were adept at keeping a low profile despite their skills and abilities. Kelembra, however, ran into problems. A former member of the Shrouds gang in Stormreach, Kelembra sought to avoid her former associates, as Whisper, the leader of the Shrouds, did not forgive those that left the gang. She was spotted by an informant in the Marketplace and captured by the Shrouds soon after. Taken to the Shrouds’ spell-guarded lair beneath the streets of Respite, Kelembra faced the prospect that nightfall would see her rebirth into an undead minion of the gang.

When Kelembra didn’t return, her master used his formidable arcane abilities to locate her, and wasted no time teleporting himself and Adamai into the dungeon where Kelembra was held. despite the magical protections woven into the walls. Following their usual pattern of springing traps by leaping into them, the pair engaged Whisper, her brother Rashade (now transformed into a bodak), and three of the gang’s incorporeal members. Despite their potent death-magic, Adamai’s spell and blade-work and Khair’s mystical might proved mightier, laying the Shrouds to rest in their sepulcher beneath the streets of Stormreach.

Before leaving the crypt, Khair found Whisper’s divine focus, revealing that she had not been a priestess of the Keeper (as Kelembra had always thought), but was a student of a darker philosophy: the mysteries of the Qabalrin necromancers, the first and darkest elven civilization in Xen’drik, of which the Blood of Vol was merely the most recent and tamest offshoot. Recognizing this, Khair made sure to utterly destroy Whisper’s and her brother’s bodies, knowing even then that death may not be the end for either of them . . .



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