Scions of the Storm

Following the Trail


Hershem d’Lyrandar was pleased to learn that Killian would no longer be able to blackmail him, and readily provided Adamai with the details of the smuggling route. He received the goods from a member of House Orien in the city of Passage, then brought them downriver to transfer to Killian just outside of Fairhaven. After a brief detour to eliminate the rest of Killian’s gang of smugglers, Adamai and Khair set out for Passage by lightning rail.


Rikard d’Orien was blissfully ignorant on the subject of magical poisons and eldritch mutation, but was about to point the adventurers in the right direction to locate the smuggler. The goods were being brought through Passage rather than produced there, and Rikard was able to help Adamai establish the schedule. With a few days to kill before the next shipment arrived, they hired their blades and spells out to assist a local noble out of a tight spot (the gullet of a bulette, as it turned out). Without a spellcaster to provide a regeneration spell, they were dispatched to recover the lordling’s missing limb before he expired and could not be raised from the dead.

“How will that bedsheet help us find the monster that ate Lord ir’Walan’s leg?” Adamai asked.

“It’s from a inn run by House Ghallanda, which means it smells like halflings. Since you won’t let me tie a halfling to the horse, it’s the next best way I can think of to lure a bulette out of the ground.” Khair replied.

“Will it be the right one?”

“How many bulettes could there be in one hunting ground?”

Only one, as it turned out, but the one was enough to nearly kill both of the adventurers. Only fast spellcasting and a great deal of luck kept the hunters from becoming the prey. They recovered the lordling’s limb, and were amply paid for their services.

Then, they set a trap for the smugglers. Mimicking the bulette they had so recently battled, they lay in wait below the waterline for the smugglers’ vessel to arrive. Khair and Adamai defeated the crew, but were once again confronted with magic of surprising strength in the hands of ostensibly simple criminals. The vessel itself was an elemental-bound skiff capable of crossing Lake Galifar in a day, piloted by Rappan Shade, an excoriate of House Lyrandar. Adamai took his villainous cousin into custody, confiscated the skiff, and beat the pickup location out of Rappan: Delethorn, in the Eldeen Reaches.


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