Scions of the Storm

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House Lyrandar’s hidden enclave has grown significantly in the last few months, becoming a functional and surprisingly self-sufficient outpost in the wilds of central Xen’drik. A phenomenal amount of magical power has been expended, both to ensure the sustainability of the enclave, and to provide for its security; these are the wilds of the lost continent, after all. A forty-foot high wall of stone, iron-hard wood, and thorns stands on the lip of the ravine encircling the encampment, ensuring that even a determined giant would be hard-pressed to wander into the area. The Storm Hammer is generally docked at the top of the Spire, keeping a steady watch over the surrounding jungles and making the occasional supply run to Stormreach.

Two other airships, guided by Adamai and Khair, have ferried House personnel to the site, bringing warriors, shipwrights, artificers, and staff to support the enclave. A full company of Lyrandar marines to provide the main defense of the enclave, conducting patrols in the surrounding wilderness, manning the siege engines atop the wall, and are even supported by a handful of druids and rangers affiliated with the Raincallers Guild. With these forces (and their animal companions) maintaining an effective watch, Adamai and Khair have been able to turn their attention to other matters within the walls.

The Spire is the central feature of the outpost, fully powered and restored thanks to the combined efforts of Khair and Trelmarian d’Lyrandar, the House Mage. Trelmarian teleports into the outpost twice each month, bringing house members, supplies, and lending his significant magical abilities to the outpost for a week at a time before returning to Stormhome. In his absence, Masansk d’Lyrandar, a powerful druid and leader in the Raincaller’s Guild, is the de facto leader of the enclave, though he is careful to include Adamai in his councils and to make decisions jointly whenever possible. Perhaps unsurprisingly for a person with his profession, Masansk is no politician, and truly seems devoted to the protection and betterment of the House’s fortunes. The only other named member of the house is Daneira d’Lyrandar, the captain of the Storm Hammer and a longtime companion of Adamai and Khair, leaving the enclave relatively free of the politics that tend to dominate the Great Houses.

Apart from being in the middle of nowhere, the new enclave is a remarkably pleasant place to be. A deep well within the walls provides fresh water, and the junior Raincallers have small fields of cultivated plants near the enclave for both food supplies and to ensure a steady supply of hops for ale. Several new buildings have literally grown up within the walls, Masansk drawing wood and stone from the earth to provide raw materials for construction; various spellcasters within the house utilize spells and scrolls to shape wood and stone, ensuring that these buildings are nigh invulnerable to ordinary harm, and will probably withstand anything but a direct hit from a giant-hurled boulder or dragonfire. While the majority of the marines and workers live in dormitory-style rooms, everyone has both a modicum of privacy and a safe place to retreat in the event of significant trouble, something for which everyone is grateful.

There has even been enough time for Adamai and Khair to delve into the wilds of Khyber to claim a suitable dragonshard to house a bound elemental. That venture was mildly harrowing, but the two veteran adventurers were able to return to the surface largely unscathed with a large Khyber shard.

The schema from Ammultan have been installed into the core of the Spire, their arcane energies blending with that of the creation forge to enable the production of elemental vessels. A design for the first prototype has been drafted, though the soarwood brought in secretly from Aerenal, as Masansk is not prepared to harvest any of the soarwood trees found within the enclave. Unfortunately, the project has suffered a serious setback. Developing the anchor nodes for the vessel’s arcane matrix has proven problematical for the artificers and magi of Lyrandar, and it is rumored that there will be a meeting within the next month with several leaders in the House to see how you will collectively tackle the problem.


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